Axe Valley Youth – Recent Adventures

The Vibe – ‘Knot Game’


The Vibe HQ

Beatle Drive at Xplosion

Xplosion - Beetle Drive
Making the Beetle

Pizza night @ Xplosion

Nate hogging all of Rev Nicky's chips

Xplosion favourite – inflatable assault course

3 - 2 - 1 go...

Xplosion -Puzzle Night

Pool time

Xplosion – Taking it easy

Pool time
It was this big!
Just Hanging

Xplosion – Craft Night

Craft Night Fun!
Wrapping time!
Ninja Wrapping!

Dance time

Dance time!
and Follow Me!

Xplosion – volleyball session led by Simone and Jade

It was this big!

Night time at the Cricket Club

out after dark
It was this big!
Cricket Club by night